Heray Saffron Now In India

It is our pleasure to announce that chefs and saffron lovers now can directly get saffron in India. We started a partnership business with Balagi Saffron in India, and handed them the Heray Spice Saffron brand in India. Our sister company in India operates under Heray Saffron India and can be accessed in retail and wholesale.

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Mohammad Salahy
Now Get Heray Saffron at Great Ciao Foods in Minnesota

It is our pleasure to announce that you can order locally Afghanistan Saffron, Heray Spice brand, at Minneapolis very local specialty food distributor- Great Ciao.

We are proud to work with Great Ciao, and have them distribute our saffron in Minnesota region. Heray Saffron is a family owned business based in Chicago.

Here is some information about Great Ciao:

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Mohammad Salahy
Heray Saffron in NYC

Heray Spice Saffron, had the pleasure to meet the best restaurants and spice stores in NYC, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. We met we great chefs and spice men/women. It is our pleasure to help NY with Afghanistan saffron.

We met with Michelin Star chefs such as Chef Jacob at Clock Tower, and Chef Mike and Nomad Hotel. We also met with saffron buyers in Brooklyn area. They promised to carry Heray Saffron for their future orders. We will soon post the exact companies and saffron business where you can order Heray Afghanistan Saffron.

Our best regards,

Heray Spice Team

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Mohammad SalahyChicago
Heray Saffron Welcomes Lula Cafe

We are very honored to serve one of the Chicago best restaurant in Chicago, Lula Cafe. In April 2018, Chef Jason Hammel, chose our homegrown saffron. Our saffron is cultivated organically in Afghanistan; and it is family owned and family operated.

Also, our saffron is ISO certified with Crocin 264 (so far the highest quality saffron in the market place).

We will continue to better serve our clients and chefs.

Our best,

Team Heray

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Mohammad Salahy